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Strategy Sessions

If your business doesn’t require our full service offering, but still needs help heading in the right direction, Quiverr offers high-level consultation for any piece of your Amazon business. This is our a la carte style offering where you can engage in a block of hours with our senior strategic team. Here we can tackle any and all specifics you may need to solidify your Amazon road map to full catalog optimization and, ultimately, channel growth.

To put it simply, Quiverr offers full-service marketplace brand management on Amazon. We’re the Amazon 3rd Party selling arm of Advantage Solutions with custom business intelligence tools and services. We help brands drive more revenue and profit in the Marketplace utilizing many of the tactics below.


We tell your brand’s story the way you want it to be to told.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: From image recommendations, to written content, we transform your Amazon product listings to increase brand awareness, unique page visits, and ultimately higher conversion rates.

AMAZON SEO: Amazon has become its own search engine that now requires a unique and dedicated SEO strategy. We leverage Amazon’s advertising data and 3rd party keyword software to create a game plan that gets your brand ahead of the competition.

ADVANCED CONTENT: Now that we’ve optimized your listing copy, we take it a step further with access to Amazon’s full slate of content generation. We can implement both A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content to make sure that your brand identity on Amazon is aligned with your brand identity as a whole.

AMAZON STOREFRONT: Brands can now create a custom storefront destination within the Amazon platform. We’ll build it for you. This one-stop shop allows vendors and sellers to create an all encompassing shopping experience for the customer. Meanwhile, Amazon’s dynamic insights allow you to extract new storefront specific data to enhance sales and marketing strategy.

REVIEW GENERATION: We utilize third party software to manage best practices for overall review generation. We create a custom email strategy to engage with your Amazon customers on a personal level. This helps to create positive product and seller reviews while mitigating negative ones.

We become your best Amazon insurance policy.

SELLER INVESTIGATION: Unauthorized re-sellers are one of the biggest threats to a brand’s success on Amazon. Our experts dig deep into the seedy underbelly of the internet to discover any re-seller that is nothing but a thorn in your brand’s side. We investigate, identify, and eradicate, so that you can take back control.

PRICING MANAGEMENT: Unauthorized sellers will no longer dictate your Amazon success. We hold your brand to its highest standard and always adhere to a MAP policy. If you don’t have a MAP policy, we help create one for you; if you do, we enforce it and make sure all of your re-sellers do too.

COUNTERFEIT INTELLIGENCE: Amazon is rampant with counterfeit product. We get to work quickly as we identify any counterfeit product that may exist for your brand and work directly with Amazon’s Brand Registry Team to make it disappear.

We handle the details, so you don’t have to.

3rd PARTY LOGISTICS: We could write a book on Amazon’s list of requirements to ship your products into its FBA centers. As long as you can get your goods to us, we take it the rest of the way. Our skilled warehouse team is trained on all of the latest Amazon prep, pack, and ship guidelines to ensure precise delivery of your products to Amazon’s FBA warehouses.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: We don’t exist as a company without inventory at Amazon, and that’s a huge benefit for you. We utilize dynamic inventory management tools to ensure that as long as it’s available to order from you, we’re in-stock at FBA at all times, no exceptions.

A good brand presence takes more than just sell-through.

POLICY MANAGEMENT:When Amazon policies change and the seller alarms sound, you won’t hear a thing. We utilize our vast network of direct contacts at Amazon to ensure your brand stays compliant and we stay ahead of the game.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Your customer becomes our customer. We retain 100% positive customer feedback on our Amazon seller account and we work hard to keep it there. We also bring any comments, questions, concerns or insights right back to you as a brand. Your customers will not only enjoy the product they order, they’ll enjoy the process.

RESEARCH: Almost 20% of US shoppers are Amazon Prime Members. With numbers like that, Quiverr looks at Amazon as a dynamic trend research tool. The lists of top selling products are constantly changing and evolving. We harvest that information and present it back to you as we guide your brand in future product development on Amazon.

Amazon now outranks Google in direct product search and we’re here to leverage that.

AD CAMPAIGNS: We have levers and we know when to pull them. We utilize Amazon’s entire suite of advertising tools to get you ahead of the competition. We’re well versed in Seller Central Campaign Manager, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Marketing Group (AMG/AAP) and we use each of them to tailor a custom strategy that meets your brand’s needs.