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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to have Inventory Lab?

Yes.  Inventory Lab is the MOST efficient and effective inventory management tool we have ever found.  At this time, we only accept clients who use Inventory Lab.

Do you work with new sellers?

Due to incredibly high demand, at this time we are only accepting sellers with 1 year of experience, who have the ability to immediately ship us 1000 units per month.  Additionally, due to warehouse space restrictions, we are unable to accept new clients who primarily sell grocery, toys or shoes.

Do you need access to my Amazon Account and Inventory Lab?

We do, however in a VERY limited capacity.  This allows us to work in the most efficient manner, ensuring that your shipments are processed quickly, accurately and correctly.  Having User Permissions ensures we can print product labels, enter weight, expiration dates, print shipping labels, and complete shipments.  Allowing us to do so enable you have to a “hands free” prep service.

Do you ship Hazmat?

We pay the hazmat shipping through our discounted UPS account, and then add those costs onto your invoice.

Is there a monthly or sign-up fee?

No.  You will not be charged until we begin prepping your products.  We also do not charge a monthly subscription fee.

What are the steps for signing up?

Provide your business information through the “Contact Us” form and we will contact you to set up a phone/video call.  After we accept you as a client, we will email you the user permissions needed for Amazon and Inventory Lab.  Ship us your product, and here we go!

What if my products gets gated on Amazon?

This does happen, and it’s unfortunate.  However, we are not responsible for holding your products indefinitely while you work with the (often unreasonable) Amazon ungating process.  We have a two week holding time, at which time we would begin to charge storage and/or ship products back to you.

How do you handle returns?

We do process returns, at the normal per unit charge, as long as provide us a pre-paid return slip.  At this time, we are unable to contact vendors or retailers on your behalf to initiate returns.

How do you handle packing slips?

We normally ship packing slips to our clients every 90 days through UPS shipping.  This cost would be added to your QuickBooks billing.  Alternatively, we can destroy your packing slips every 90 days.

Do you also sell products on Amazon?

While we do have extensive history of selling products on Amazon, our priority now is to serve our clients through our prep services.  We will never scalp your products or share your information with competitors.  We do have a non-compete form that we will provide and sign upon your request.

Do you offer long term storage?

We pride ourselves on moving product through our warehouse in an expeditious manner.  As such, we do not offer long term storage of products and/or pallets.

Do you accept pallets and/or process pallet shipments?

We do, on a limited basis.  Contact us for details.

Creating User Permissions on Amazon Seller Central

In order to work with us, you will be asked to provide access to your seller central account and inventory lab. We need access to print FNSKU and shipping labels, create FBA shipments, and provide box details such as dimensions, weight and contents. The reason we ask for this is because we have found through much trial and error that communicating all details via email is very time consuming for both the us and the seller. This game of tag is not efficient and having to create your own shipment and process labels is not taking full advantage of the service we provide.

The common misconception is that by giving permissions to us we will be able to see any details in your account, like payments, sales figures and personal data. In reality, we don’t see anything that you have not given us permission to see, and we only need to have access to create and manage your FBA shipments.

In order to set this up, follow these steps.

  1. Sign into Seller Central
  2. Click on settings(top right corner of the window)
  3. Towards the end of the drop down, click on User Permissions
  4. Bellow “Current Users,” enter the our information into “Add a New Seller Central User”and click Send Invitation
  5. Once we have accepted the invitation you return to user permissions and click Edit My Permissions
  6. Everything by default is set to None, but by changing the “Manage inventory/add product” and “Manage FBA shipment” to View/Editwe will then have access to creating shipments.


Eli Glucowsky

$4 million OA Amazon Seller, CEO of

Heroic Prep is a top-notch prep center that goes above and beyond. They handle everything quickly and efficiently to maximize inventory turnover and profit. I highly recommend using their facility to take your business to the next level.

Leigha Modlin

7 figure Amazon Seller, Lead Coach for Proven Amazon Course

I've been working with Ed and his team for a month. In that short period of time, I am AMAZED at the efficiency of how quickly they process my inventory and get it on the way to amazon. I've worked with several prep centers
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David LaCroix

6+ year Amazon Seller, CEO of

We've been using Heroic Prep now for several months and they have been great to work with. We've been selling on Amazon for 6+ years, and have worked with several prep centers but this one has been the best. No complicated software or pricing
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Jennifer Maher

2+ year Amazon Beauty Category Seller

I have been using Heroic Prep since their inception. They are my first and only prep center. They have given me no reason to look elsewhere. I especially appreciate that they pay close attention to detail. They catch errors that even I miss. Such as
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