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Individual Order Number Tracking

  • 50 identical orders from a beauty retailer? We got you.
  • At Heroic Prep, we don’t just throw your products on a table and hope it all works out. We individually track your orders in our company-wide google sheets system, ensuring that you know which orders have arrived, checked in or (gasp) been cancelled by the retailer.

Extreme Urgency

  • You crushed the sale on tanning drops? We love it.
  • Seasonal products can have amazing ROI, but you KNOW (some) of those prices will come crashing down. It’s IMPERATIVE that your product gets moved ASAP, to capture those precious OA dollars that we all rely on.

Protecting Your Products

  • Hot new action figure, but the cardboard packaging seems a little flimsy? We’ll poly bag and bubble wrap it automatically.
  • If your $80 action figure is going 100 mph on a conveyor belt, and we don’t protect it, then we have failed you. At Heroic Prep, we seek out opportunities to protect your inventory, at no additional cost to you.

Working as A Team

  • 100 different samples, grouped into 5 packs that will make you tremendous ROI, IF we can find the best ASIN? We’ve been there.
  • We want to grow with you. If we plug in an ASIN for you, and it appears to be a negative ROI?  That’s a problem, and we want to try and help you with it.  Our years of Amazon OA experience allows us to find opportunities for you, and work together to run amazing, successful businesses.

Online Arbitrage presents unique challenges.  Often, prep centers are woefully unaware of the special needs of these sellers.  With over four years of experience and thousands of units sold, Heroic Prep has a hyper-focused view of OA, and Amazon as a whole.

We’ll Get Right to the Good Part
We Know Amazon Prep.

Protecting your inventory is our highest priority. Uncompromising attention to detail, combined with expedited service allows us to grow your Amazon business for you. We’re ready to take it to the next level, are you?

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One Year Amazon Sales Experience

Ability to immediately ship us 1000 units/month

We are unable to allocate space to clients primarily selling the following categories:  Toys, Grocery or Shoes


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