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Prices and Services

Our simple pricing program makes it easy for you to figure out how much you will owe, before you order!  Our pricing includes everything below**:


What's Included

  • Inspection
  • FNSKU Labeling
  • Custom Heat Sealed Poly Bags
  • Suffocation Warning Labels
  • Covering Price Sticker
  • Dunnage
  • Expiration Labels
  • Damage Item Handling
  • Outbound Boxes
  • 14 days of Inventory Storage
  • 1 Month Paper Invoice Storage

Pricing is based on volume

We only be accepting clients who have sold on Amazon for a minimum of one year, and have the ability to immediately ship us over 1000 units a month.  Also, due to warehouse space restrictions, we do not accept clients who are primarily selling Grocery, Toys or Shoes.

1000 units/month

$1.75 per unit

2000 units/month

$1.50 per unit

4000 units/month

$1.25 per unit

  • Bundles of 5 or less are charged as 2 units, based on your volume pricing.
  • Any products that will fit 3 or less in a 24x21x20 shipping box, will automatically be charged as a bundle.

* Shoes are always charged as a bundle Clothing is subject to a 50 cents per unit upcharge. *

**Note – Items that are oversized or fragile are subject to additional fees. Fees will be charged at our discretion.  Please reach out to us directly for fees estimation before you source.  **


Eli Glucowsky

$4 million OA Amazon Seller, CEO of

Heroic Prep is a top-notch prep center that goes above and beyond. They handle everything quickly and efficiently to maximize inventory turnover and profit. I highly recommend using their facility to take your business to the next level.

Leigha Modlin

7 figure Amazon Seller, Lead Coach for Proven Amazon Course

I've been working with Ed and his team for a month. In that short period of time, I am AMAZED at the efficiency of how quickly they process my inventory and get it on the way to amazon. I've worked with several prep centers
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David LaCroix

6+ year Amazon Seller, CEO of

We've been using Heroic Prep now for several months and they have been great to work with. We've been selling on Amazon for 6+ years, and have worked with several prep centers but this one has been the best. No complicated software or pricing
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Jennifer Maher

2+ year Amazon Beauty Category Seller

I have been using Heroic Prep since their inception. They are my first and only prep center. They have given me no reason to look elsewhere. I especially appreciate that they pay close attention to detail. They catch errors that even I miss. Such as
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To put it simply, Heroic Prep offers full-service prep services for Amazon sellers. Our location in the tax free state of New Hampshire allows us to prep your online arbitrage products for pennies on the dollar. We help Amazon sellers drive more revenue and profit to their bottom line.

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