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About Us

America's Largest OA Prep Center? 

With over 20 employees, and shipping over 90,000 units per month, Heroic Prep dominates the Amazon FBA Prep Center industry due to our accuracy, communication, and ability to MOVE your products to Amazon at lightning speed.  With smaller prep centers, if one employee calls out sick, it can have a devastating impact to their productivity.  With our large, committed, highly trained staff, we are able to build extra staff in to ensure we NEVER fall behind with your products.  This is even more noticeable during the scale up to Q4.  Amazon sellers can often double (or even triple) the volume they ship to us, but not if your prep center can't handle the increase.  At Heroic Prep, we have a second floor to our warehouse (over 4000 square feet) that is SOLELY dedicated to our Q4 increases, and we begin hiring additional staff in October to ensure they are fully trained by November.

Live Free and Amazon! 

We have the unique opportunity to reside in the tax-free state of New Hampshire, allowing you to pay ZERO sales tax on your incoming products.  Not only is it an amazing place to live, but you can increase your Amazon sales without paying that pesky sales tax.  As an example, if you purchase and ship 2000 units a month, at a buy cost of $15/unit, you will spend $30,000 a month.  At a sales tax rate of 7%, by shipping to Heroic Prep (sales tax free), you will save $25,000 a year in sales tax.  Could you use a different prep center, and then file sales tax reimbursement with ALL different states you order from?  Maybe.  Probably.  Possibly.  But why go through all that hassle?  Reach out to us, we'll answer any questions you have, and if it's a good fit we'll immediately sign you up for service. 

 No Hidden Fees, No Monthly Subscriptions 

Why do prep companies nickel and dime you to death?  Polybag fee, bubble wrap fee, and you’re being over-charged for boxes?  Allow us to serve you with up-front prices with NO hidden add-ons.  When sourcing products for Amazon, pennies can matter.  If your prep center "decides" to charge you an extra $1 for a shipping box, your ROI can go from 30%, down to 15%, and you may not even know.  Your Amazon business can suffer due to the prep center's vague and undefined upcharges.  At Heroic Prep, you always know EXACTLY what your prep center per unit fee's, and there are NEVER any hidden upcharges.

Direct Communication with Managers

Our ZenDesk automated ticket system allows you to directly communicate with the Heroic Prep managers, ensuring timely and accurate information relating to your products.  Take comfort in knowing that you get answers to your most important amazon questions.  Businesses that trust ZenDesk for their communication include Uber, Slack, Shopify and Instacart.  Without a clear cut communication system, your questions and concerns can get missed if the prep center doesn't read the text message/email/Facebook message.  Our ZenDesk automatically reminds Heroic Prep managers of any unanswered questions and will also send email reminders if we need updates for your products.   


Edward Holdgate

Marine Corps Veteran
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General Manager

Mother of Three
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Office Manager

Mother of Six
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Quality Control Manager

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Quality Control Manager

Experienced Hiker
Dog Dad of Wilbur, 1 years old

To put it simply, Heroic Prep offers full-service prep services for Amazon sellers. Our location in the tax free state of New Hampshire allows us to prep your online arbitrage products for pennies on the dollar. We help Amazon sellers drive more revenue and profit to their bottom line.

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