Our simple pricing program makes it easy for you to figure out how much you will owe, before you order!  Our pricing includes everything below**:

  • Inspection
  • FNSKU Labeling
  • Custom Heat Sealed Poly Bags
  • Suffocation Warning Labels
  • Covering Price Sticker
  • Dunnage
  • Expiration Labels
  • Damage Item Handling
  • Outbound Boxes
  • 14 days of Inventory Storage
  • 1 Month Paper Invoice Storage

Pricing is based on volume

We only be accepting clients who have sold on Amazon for a minimum of one year, and have the ability to immediately ship us over 1000 units a month.  Also, due to warehouse space restrictions, we do not accept clients who are primarily selling Grocery, Toys or Shoes.


1000 units/month === $1.75 per unit


2000 units/month === $1.50 per unit


4000 units/month === $1.25 per unit


Bundles of 5 or less are charged as 2 units, based on your volume pricing.


Any products that will fit 3 or less in a 24x21x20 shipping box, will automatically be charged as a bundle.


* All shoes are subject to a 50 cents per unit upcharge, and reboxing shoes counts as a bundle. *

**Note – Items that are oversized or fragile are subject to additional fees. Fees will be charged at our discretion.  Please reach out to us directly for fees estimation before you source.  **